The New VRE Mobile is Coming

Coming soon to a mobile device near you: the new and improved VRE Mobile app!

VRE is keeping up with advances in customer service technologies to greatly enhance your experience with our mobile app. We know that changes can sometimes be a challenge, and upgrading our app will be no exception, but we know that you are really going to appreciate the new functionality of VRE Mobile.

We are currently in the final stages of testing the app to be sure it meets your (and our) expectations. The app is nearly ready for launch, so here is what you can expect in the coming months:

  • Phase One - Upgrade to New VRE Mobile: The first step will be to have you upgrade to the new app. All current VRE Mobile users will receive a notification to upgrade with step-by-step instructions. Your existing tickets will transfer over to your account in the new version of VRE Mobile. For your account’s security, you will need to re-set your password using the “forgot password” option and you will need to re-enter your credit card and/or your SmarTrip card number for your SmartBenefits. If you experience any difficulty with the new app, including any missing tickets, you can call customer service (800-743-3873) and our team will investigate and reissue tickets as needed. After you have completed this step, you will have all the same functionality of the current version, and be in position to benefit from the new features coming in Phase Two.
  • Phase Two – Enhanced Trip Tools: The second phase will be an exciting one for passengers as we roll out a host of new tools to provide more information than ever before, and to make commuting even easier. These tools are expected to include:
    • Trip Planning Tools
    • Real-Time Parking Availability
    • Push Notifications (for service alerts, advisories, station updates, and VRE news)
    • Amtrak Arrival Information
    • The Commuter Connections’ Incentrip Reward Program
    • Web Portal
    • Special Event Ticketing

Once you have upgraded to the new app, you will receive notifications when each new tool has been added to VRE Mobile, to be sure you update your app on your mobile device to explore the new features.

  • Phase Three – Integration with Regional Transit Partners: We know many of you rely on our regional bus partners to complete your commute, so we are also enhancing VRE Mobile to enable cross-selling of their fare products, in addition to VRE tickets. In fact, we are already testing cross-sales with one of our partners and we expect this to be a truly valuable addition to the app.

We know that the transition to the new VRE Mobile needs to be as smooth and seamless as possible. After all, for the enhancements to be truly successful, the app needs to be easy for you to use. Our goal is to communicate with you early and often to ensure this, and to provide customer service support to anyone who needs it.

Virtually Explore a Train
Virtually Explore a Train

Wondering what the social distancing cues look like at VRE stations and on our trains? Take a peek with this interactive tour.  

The New VRE Mobile is Coming
The New VRE Mobile is Coming

We are currently in the final stages of testing the app to be sure it meets your (and our) expectations. The app is nearly ready for launch, so here is what you can expect in the coming months.

Pulling the Public into Transportation Planning: A Top FAMPO Goal
Public Involvement in FAMPO's Planning

FAMPO carries out its responsibility by creating a forum where members of the public, elected and appointed officials, transit agencies, and transportation professionals come together to discuss concerns, take funding action, and continuously cooperate to improve the region’s transportation system.

Alignment with CDC & State Guidance
Alignment with CDC & State Guidance

VRE is considered an essential service in Virginia, and a part of a Critical Infrastructure Industry as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. As such, we entered into the COVID-19 pandemic with two primary objectives: 1.) Keep service running; 2.) Meet or exceed all standards to keep passengers and crews safe.

A Look at NVTC
Bringing Elected Officials Together: NVTC

The creation and ongoing support of VRE is an example of how NVTC (and PRTC) bring together elected officials from across Northern Virginia to make regional decisions to improve transportation.