Free Ride Certificate Request


You are eligible to receive a Free Ride Certificate (FRC) if the train you were riding was 30 minutes or more delayed according to the conductor’s watch and no FRCs were distributed on the train at the time of the delay. If on board distribution is not possible the day of the delay, requests for FRCs must be submitted no later than 15 days after the delay occurred.


  • Requests will not be honored when on board FRC distribution occurs on the date of the delay.
  • Passengers who do not receive their FRC because they disembark prior to (or board after) an on board distribution are responsible for requesting their FRC from one of the conductors at the time the delay occurs.
  • VRE reserves the right to deny written requests for any reason.

For paper tickets, please upload copy of your validated ticket. (Note: Monthly & TLC ticket holders should copy both sides of the ticket.)