On an average weekday there are about 19,000 passenger trips on VRE. This means 19,000 pairs of eyes. VRE reminds our passengers to contact a VRE conductor if they notice:

  • Unattended packages
  • Suspicious behavior
  • People in bulky, seasonally inappropriate clothing
  • Exposed wiring or other irregularities on luggage
  • Anyone tampering with surveillance cameras or entering unauthorized areas
  • Trust your INSTINCTS – If SOMETHING DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT – Alert a VRE Conductor!

Please take a moment to become familiar with what to do in an “On Board Emergency”. 

If you see a practice that you feel may be unsafe, please report it to your conductor or to VRE. All safety and security concerns are sent directly to our Manager of Safety and Security.

You're our eyes and ears and we want to know what you see!