Security Blanket

Your family is our family. And, because we care about being on-time just as much as you do, we want to take care of any extra late fees for childcare due to our tardiness.

VRE offers the "Security Blanket," a guarantee that, if you take a VRE train that is scheduled to arrive 30 minutes prior to your daycare's closing, we will get you to your station within 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time or we reimburse your daycare late fee. You can use this service up to 4 times each year. You simply fill out the form and mail it to us along with a copy of your daycare receipt and a copy of your ticket. We will mail you a check and that's a guarantee you won't get from I-66 or I-95!

Virginia Railway Express is offering riders reimbursement for late charges. If we're late, let us know of late fees you incur by completing the form.

So, don't worry, ride and relax.