Amtrak & MARC Cross Honor Agreements

The Amtrak Step-Up program is suspended until further notice.

VRE has cross honor agreements with Amtrak and MARC.


Our cross honor agreement with Amtrak allows VRE multi-ride passengers the ability to use the Amtrak trains listed on our schedule, in conjunction with a Step-Up ticket, for commuter travel. Be sure that your ticket is for the proper zones that you are travelling between. For example, if you're detraining at Fredericksburg, and you normally detrain from Leeland Road, the ticket that you're using in conjunction with your Step-Up must cover Fredericksburg. Accepted ticket types are:

If any of the following Amtrak train numbers are operating: 66, 67, 83, 85, 86, 84, 87, 93, 94, 95, 125, 171, 174, 176, Monday through Friday, even on a weekday holiday when VRE is not running, an Amtrak step-up ticket with a properly zoned VRE Monthly, 5 day pass or 10 ride ticket, will be accepted by Amtrak for travel on that train.

Amtrak numbered trains that are different from any of the above are not considered cross honor trains and cannot be ridden by a VRE passenger with a VRE ticket or step-up. These trains can only be ridden with an Amtrak ticket.

When making your plans, please check with Amtrak to find out if your preferred train has been sold out in advance. If Amtrak has sold out that train, VRE passengers may not be permitted to board. For more information on Amtrak service, call 1-800-USA-RAIL or click here for information on Amtrak and other connecting services.

Note: Amtrak trains do not make all VRE station stops. Individuals not in possession of the correct tickets will be charged the full Amtrak one-way fare, including any penalty for purchasing a ticket at a staffed station. VRE's "service guarantee" does not apply to trips taken on Amtrak trains.


Beginning June 25, 2015, VRE tickets will no longer be honored on off-peak MARC trains.

MARC tickets, however, will continue to be honored onboard reverse flow VRE trains.

For reverse-flow trains in our service, please visit our schedule page. For MARC service information, please visit the MARC website.