Youth Fares

Youth riders, between the ages of 11 and 18, will need a VRE issued Reduced Fare ID to purchase discounted tickets (youth IDs expire on the individual's 19th birthday). Previous forms of identification will no longer be accepted. Children 10 and under ride for free with a fare paying adult.

Below are the most asked questions regarding the Youth Reduced Fare ID program. We will update the list periodically based on inquiries made by passengers. If you have a question, feel free to email

What information do I need to fill out in order to receive an ID?

Passengers requesting the VRE Reduced-Fare Youth ID, must fill out the Reduced Fare ID application. Please keep in mind that the application must also be signed by a parent or guardian.

How can I submit my application?

There are several ways for you to submit your application, which are listed below. Please keep in mind that you must submit a headshot.jpg in order to have your application processed. If you do not have the means to provide a .jpg, you can stop by our office and we can take the picture for you. Our office hours are Monday thru Friday, 7am to 7pm.

  • Fax your application to (703) 838-5446
  • Mail your application to our office:
    • Virginia Railway Express
    • Attn: Reduced Fare Youth ID
    • 1500 King Street, Suite 202
    • Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Drop it off at the VRE Headquarters

How long does it take for me to receive my ID?

It will take a maximum of 10 business days, from the day we receive the information, for you to receive your ID, assuming all required items have been received.

Why won't the vendors accept my child's birth certificate or school ID as proof of age?

By requiring all youth, between the ages of 11 and 18 (youth IDs expire on the individual's 19th birthday), to fill out an application, we can keep better track of the individuals using the program and ensure that it is not being abused.

Can I purchase discounted tickets for my child?

No. Reduced Fare Youth tickets can only be purchased by the youth. However, they can be purchased by the parents if the youth, in possession of the ID, is present.

My local vendor doesn't sell the Reduced Fare tickets. Where can I purchase them?

Discount tickets can be purchased at specific vendors. Please visit the Vendor Information page for a list of these vendors. Another way to purchase VRE tickets is by automatic recurring ticket order with Commuter Direct. They'll set up an account, establish your eligibility and even work with a variety of transit benefits providers. Then they will mail your VRE tickets directly to you. No special trips or waiting in line ever again! Contact CommuterDirect at (703) 228-RIDE to set up your account.

Do I need to have my ID while I am on the train?

Yes, all youth passengers traveling on a reduced fare ticket must carry their qualifying ID.

I receive my tickets from CommuterDirect. Do I need to send them a copy of this ID?

Once received, you will need to provide them with a copy of your new ID and the approved application to remain eligible to receive the discount.