Google Transit & Connecting Services

VRE has formed a partnership with Google Transit, a public transportation trip planning feature of Google Maps. This Google Maps function permits users to plan travel using VRE and other regional transportation systems who have also partnered with Google Maps. 

When viewing results, please note:

  • It is important to note that not all transit systems within the DC Metro area have partnered with Google Maps.
  • Google Maps also provides walking directions to and from transit stops, including VRE stations.
  • You can also use the street view feature of Google Maps to become familiar with the areas in the vicinity of our stops and your final destination.
  • Amtrak may show on the results, but not all Amtrak trains accept VRE Step-Up tickets
  • VRE train times reflect scheduled times, not real-time information.
  • Google will first provide results from Union Station to our Spotsylvania station. You may change your starting and end locations as well as other settings in the menu accessible by clicking the three lines in the top left of the Google Maps screen.
  • A "no route found" error may occur if your starting location is not within walking distance to a station or transit to a station is not easily accessible. If you see this error, consider changing your starting location to a VRE station. Many of our riders park at our stations or are dropped off.


Connecting Services

Below is a list of connections VRE passengers can use to get to their final destination. Many bus connections are free with a valid VRE ticket. 

VRE connects with Amtrak intercity service at Alexandria, Fredericksburg, Manassas, Quantico, Woodbridge, and Washington's Union Station. See Amtrak/VRE cross honor agreement for more information.
Arlington ART Bus
VRE connects with ART at the Crystal City VRE station.
DASH/Alexandria Transit Company
VRE connects with DASH, which provides fare-free service, at the Alexandria VRE station/King Street Metro station.
DC Circulator
VRE connects with DC Circulator at the L'Enfant Plaza and Union Station.
Fairfax Connector
Free transfer from VRE stations only with a valid VRE Monthly or TLC ticket (excluding express routes).
FRED offers feeder bus service from Spotsylvania County and the City of Fredericksburg to the Fredericksburg VRE station. Additionally, FRED offers a feeder bus service between Aquia Towne Center, the north VDOT commuter lot on Route 610/Garrisonville Road and the Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station in Quantico, VA. 
VRE connects with MARC at Union Station. 
Metrobus and Metrorail

Free transfer to all regular Metrobus routes (excluding express routes but including REX) with a valid VRE ticket to and from VRE station.

VRE also connects easily with Metrorail at Franconia-Springfield, Alexandria (King Street), Crystal City, L'Enfant and Union Station. The Metrorail fare is separate; transfer to Metrorail is not included in your VRE fare unless you hold a Transit Link Card (TLC).

Free transfer with a valid VRE Monthly ticket from VRE stations. Transfer to VRE stations is no longer free.
Quantico Base VRE Shuttle
Free taxi service from the Quantico VRE station to areas around the Marine base.


Other Transit Providers

Interested in showing a connection to our service? Join us on Google Transit.