Riding VRE is Safe, Easy, Fast, Reliable and best of all it's Half Price!

VRE seeks to make its transportation easy for all its passengers. VRE is equipped with wheelchair lifts, accessible parking, access ramps, audio/visual public address system, talking ticket vending machines, Braille signage, large formatted schedules for both the Manassas and Fredericksburg lines and most of all courteous, helpful personnel. VRE wants to make everyone's trip smooth and uneventful. We would love to help, please contact us if we can be of service planning your next trip! E-mail us your trip plans or call the VRE offices at (703) 684-1001. Also, if you are interested in other transportation agencies that connect to VRE, check out our Connection Services page.

Virginia Railway Express (VRE) is committed to ensuring both a reliable and accessible experience for all of our customers. In doing so, VRE will make (in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Federal Transit Administration requirements) every effort to provide reasonable accommodations and/or modifications to our policies, practices, and procedures to ensure program accessibility for all.


If you experience any issue with access to our service, please submit a request for reasonable accommodation/modification to, or by calling our office at 703-684-1001.


While we will do our best to accommodate all requests, VRE cannot alter the fundamental nature of our services, or create a situation that interferes with the health and safety of others.

Wheelchair Access

All VRE stations are wheelchair accessible with ramps that lead to the platforms and motorized lifts on each train. Passengers needing to use the lift should move to the North (Washington) end of the platform to board. In addition, special seats are prioritized for passengers with disabilities.

Elevator Access

All VRE stations are completely accessible. The following stations do have elevators to access to the platforms:

  • Franconia-Springfield
  • Rippon
  • Fredericksburg
  • Woodbridge
  • Union Station


Civil Rights - Title VI

VRE is committed to a policy of non-discrimination in the conduct of its business, including its Title VI responsibilities – the delivery of equitable and accessible transportation services. VRE recognizes its responsibilities to the communities in which it operates and to the society it services. It is VRE’s policy to utilize its best efforts to assure that no person shall, on the grounds of race, color, income or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under its program of transit service delivery and related benefits.

Any individual, group of individuals, or entity that believes they have been subjected to discrimination prohibited under Title VI and the related statutes may file a complaint using the complaint form.

Please note that if you have a general complaint or concern, please fill out one of our Feedback Forms or email us. The Title VI Complaint is for complaints based on the grounds of discrimination as outlined on VRE's Title VI page.

If your complaint concerns discrimination due to accessibility issues, please fill out our ADA Complaint Form. VRE will respond to ADA complaints within 10 business days of receipt of the complaint. VRE will complete an investigation of the issue within 60 calendar days of the complaint and notify the complainant the result of the investigation. The complainant will have 5 business days from receipt VRE's response to submit an appeal.